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Join Scott Lumley and an elite group of entrepreneurs once a month at his workshops, where you will be educated and empowered to thrive in today's business climate. 

With over 39 years of business expertise, Scott Lumley will be mentoring and educating entrepreneurs from real life business experience. 

What The Workshops Feature:

Guest Business Speakers

Q & A's answered for your business

Guest Business Speakers

  • Every month guest speakers will be invited to share their expertise to help you develop your business skills

Business Coaching

Q & A's answered for your business

Guest Business Speakers

  • One live workshop via webinar per month for 12 months
  • Expert Business Coaching
  • Real life business problems and solutions shared
  • Ideas for innovation 
  • Business strategies that work 

Q & A's answered for your business

Q & A's answered for your business

Q & A's answered for your business

  • Come prepared with questions you need answered 
  • Learn from other entrepreneurs
  • Get follow up help if your question cannot be answered on the live workshop  


Entrepreneur's Coaching Workshop for 12 months

Valued at $1,199 now for only $99

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You will have access to one workshop via webinar per month for 12 months. 

Presented By Scott Lumley

About The Presenter

Scott Lumley, founder and CEO of Resolve Financial, LLC., Resolve Commercial, LLC., Resolve Suite, LLC., is an innovator and highly accomplished entrepreneur in the entrepreneurial and real estate industries. 

Lumley is the founder of a revolutionary software capturing real estate leads at pennies on the dollar. 

Over a 39 year career, Lumley founded and scaled multiple successful businesses, this also included the number one electronics store on eBay. 

As a result, Lumley consults for businesses seeking to scale to the next levels. 

Scott Lumley continues to mentor real estate investors and entrepreneurs through his Inner Circle program, helping them build their financial wealth. 


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