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Scott Lumley - The Epitome Of An Entrepreneurial Spirit

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When describing Scott Lumley's accomplishments Wholesale Central wrote “Scott Lumley is the epitome of an entrepreneurial spirit.”

With 38 years of business experience, Scott Lumley, founder and CEO of Resolve Financial, LLC., Resolve Commercial, LLC., Resolve Suite, LLC., is a highly successful Real Estate Investor and Expert. He has created a revolutionary softwares capturing Real Estate leads at pennies the dollar named Resolve Suite and Buy Property Lead.

Along with being CEO of multiple of his companies, Scott continues to coach and consult aspiring Real Estate Investors and Entrepreneurs, through his Inner Circle and Apprentice programs, helping his entrepreneurs build their financial wealth, succeed in business, and build profitable portfolios. 

It is his passion to help people succeed. 

Scott is booked for public speaking events and consultancy.


Born in Dyersburg, Tennessee 1968, at the age of ten, Scott started riding horseback, ponying racehorses in Oklahoma. Upon moving back to Tennessee he was introduced to the fast-growing equine sport of Team Penning and became a competitive rodeo rider, winning over 400 competitive rodeo titles and 14 World Championships in his early adult life.

In 2010, Scott founded Resolve Financials, LLC., which focuses on providing debt negotiations. In 2012, Scott founded Resolve Commercial, LLC., a development division redeveloping distressed properties into rental centers.

In 2016, Scott founded Resolve Suite, LLC., having developed a great understanding of the realestate industry through his various projects, he recognized an opportunity for advanced software development.

Scott continues to lead as an innovator and highly accomplished entrepreneur in the entrepreneurial and real estate industries. 

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